What Episode Does Olivia Benson Become Captain?

What episode does Olivia Benson become captain? Olivia Benson is the lead character of the NBC drama, Law & Order: SVU. She first begins her career as a detective and later earns the rank of sergeant. She also becomes the acting commanding officer in Season 16 before promoting to lieutenant in Season 17. Olivia Benson becomes the official captain of the SVU in Season 18 and finally in Season 21. Each new episode sees Benson in a different position, and these promotions open up new storylines. The show has been on the air for over two decades, so there are many different ways for her to rise to the top.

In season 23, the popular series will see the return of a former law enforcement officer. In the episode Return of the Prodigal Son, Captain Olivia Benson and Kathy Stabler reunite with a cold case, involving a dead police officer. Despite this, the show ends on a happy note and leaves fans with one question: will Olivia Benson return to SVU? The actress has starred in the hit drama in both of its previous seasons, so fans will have to wait and see.

In season nine, Benson becomes the captain of the police force after a traumatic incident. Her experience as a police officer has helped her develop a great deal of empathy for victims. Although her empathy clouds her judgment, it also pushes her to go the extra mile. For example, in season nine’s “Undercover,” Benson poses as a female convict in a women’s prison to catch a sexual abuser.