The Evolution of Filipino Fashion PDF

If you are interested in the history of Filipino fashion, then you can download our free pdf. This article will tell you the different styles and trends of the country’s fashion. The fashion in the Philippines changed a lot during the last century. In this article, we will discuss the evolution of Filipino fashion from the past to the present. Then, we will discuss what made the Filipinos’ fashion styles unique. You’ll also learn how these styles have been influenced by various cultures, including Western ones.

The first time the Philippines underwent a change in clothing was during the archaic epoch. As the Philippine climate was tropical, early Filipinos wore colorful woven clothes and intricate beadwork. Men wore topless loincloths, while women wore robe-like clothing. In fact, the Boxer Codex depicts the Classical period Filipinos in their attire. The clothing evolved into a blend of European and Asian influences as a result of Spanish and American influence.

Filipino fashion can be classified into three tiers: the first tier features the top designers’ labels. However, the average Filipino will not likely be able to afford such labels. The second and third tiers highlight affordable clothing brands. These include Comme des Garcons, Diesel, Marks & Spencer, Tommy Hildiger, Uniqlo, and Zara. Lastly, the fifth tier showcases clothing from local high street brands mezoka.

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