Should You Use Drywall Or Plaster?

A major question you may have is whether to use drywall or plaster for your home. Both materials have their own benefits and drawbacks, and the decision will ultimately depend on your individual needs. A smooth layer of plaster is an attractive aesthetic choice. Another great feature of drywall is its ease of installation. A skilled laborer can repair any damages to the wall, from a small touch-up to a complete rebuild. However, when choosing between drywall and plaster, you should consider the costs and installation process.

Nails can be difficult to drive into plaster walls because they will bounce out. Compared to drywall, nails will not penetrate the plaster wall without damaging it. If you do choose to use nails, they will often bounce out of the plaster wall, leaving a white dust behind. You will also need to use anchors to hold heavy objects such as picture frames or trophies. Anchors for drywall and plaster are made to be used with care.

Plaster was popular before World War II, when drywall was first invented. However, it wasn’t widely used in residential construction until the 1950s, and drywall began to replace plaster walls in the early 1960s. While plaster has a more traditional aesthetic, it is more adaptable to curved designs. By contrast, drywall is a modern material, and it is better suited for straight walls. While drywall may be easier to work with, plaster requires a lot more labor Celebrity biography

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