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scheißdürst, was für ein Schiff. Ich dachte mir, ich krieg eine Wunschadresse und sollte mich mal anmelden? Da stand es schon mal da 😀 Jedenfalls hab ich mich verzettelt und nicht nur aus Gefahr — man wollte mich auf dem Schirm sehen!Irgendwie bin ich einfach ins Schwärmen geraten. Und dann war da dieser Gedanke: “Soll ich doch mal irgendwo hinflüstern?” Einfach nur !! Das kostet keine persönlichen Kosten, die Gesellschaft ist gesichert, wenn man sieht, was man tun kann. Na gut — vor allem da in den Ferien — regelmässig die Auswahl an Fahrten reicht ja auch mehr oder weniger perfekt. Und woanders liegt der Spaßmund ! Am besten solltest Du selbst herausfinden, wo Du fliegen lassest und ob Du gut oder schlecht dein Passagiergesicht zeigen willst (was beim Start schon sicherlich zu spüren

The fun end of it:

Here we have it – the most important part. You get to the destination, where you get your driver, and you put him through his paces. The driver is the master of the vehicle, and he has to drive it as though it were his own, to the best of his ability, without being told how to drive, or what the main Cruise Control Settings are. Although most drivers will tell you to set the Cruise Control to “Manual”, it’s not necessary – and you can reduce the risk of a crash, because there is no traffic. Almost no one is driving the boat like that. The driver is responsible for the safety of the passengers, and they have the right to ask him questions in a calm voice, to which he has to reply in English or

Hire a driver

And the next thing is to find a driver. You can hire a friend, take a test drive, or speak to a local. If you speak to a local, you get good practice at the language, for you should be able to find a reliable driver in a month’s time. If you take a test drive, make sure you do it with someone from your country. It’s not only your safety that is at stake, but the safety of the other passengers, who will feel increasingly exposed as the driver gets older.

Get to the center of the island

To get to the center of the island, you have to drive through the South American country of Guyana. It’s not that far, but the driving is very challenging and very different from the driving on the east coast of the US. As a rule, if you are going to the Caribbean or African coast, you should avoid South America. All that is beautiful there, but you are missing out on some of the challenges. Anywhere else?

How many hours can you spend in one place?

If you are going to do a lot of traveling, you should know the units of time that are used. For example, if you are returning home from Africa, you should know the time in Africa (for example, the time in Cotonou, the hotel, and your return flight to New York City) and the time in the United States.

How long do you want to cruise before getting back on board?

How long do you want to cruise before getting back on board? That’s the hard part – that’s the beauty of the cruise. You decide, you book, and you are off. But you are on the way, and then the fun part begins. The cruise is the perfect test to see how you like it in the big world. If you get the right group of travelers, you can take the whole trip in one go. That’s what happened with my friend – his group was great, he was in his element, and we all had a blast on the boat. We took two shipments of wine and drank them all down in one go. That’s how you get to the destination.

What if we have extra guests?

If you have extra guests, the cruise is for them. You get to decide what to do with them – strip them of their shirts and jackets, put them in their pajamas, eat dinner with them, etc. It is a special treat for all of us, because the meal is for all of us, too, no two people being alone. When a group of people are together, you can eat dinner with them almost as though you were at home, while they are serving dinner to themselves. And they are only eating what is in front of them.

Final words

To summarise, the cruise is the perfect way to explore the world. We spent five months on this boat, and we could not have asked for more. This is a great boat, with great crew, great food, and great company. We will definitely be going back on the next cruise.

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