Nintendo eShop Sale Allows Players to Get a Great Game for $2

Nintendo Switch, OLED, and Lite players can take advantage of one of the greatest games in the company’s history called “Inside” for a small price of -get this-$2! The market price for this game on the Nintendo Shop is $19.99, but you can now purchase the game via digital download on your Nintendo device for just $1.99.

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What is “Inside”?

“Inside” was a role-playing game that came out on the Nintendo handheld platforms in 2016. It was renowned as an awesome game because Metacritic gave it a 93 rating.

The game continued receiving rewards for its great game design and stellar storyline, which is about a boy who is being hunted by an enemy and is delved into a dark project unlike anyone has ever seen. The setting of the game is like that out of a horror movie and its poignant soundtrack aligns well with the game’s storyline.

The Many Rewards “Inside” Earned

“Inside” has accumulated 100 rewards such as Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction and Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction both received at the D.I.C.E. Awards of 2016. It also won Best Independent Game at the Game Critics Awards in 2016 amongst many others in the year it was first released.

If you decide to purchase “Inside”, it is eligible for 10 gold points. Accumulate your Nintendo account’s gold points to redeem DLCs in various Nintendo Switch games, for new games in general, and to put towards funding your monthly or annual Nintendo online membership.

How Do I Download “Inside”?

Log on to your Nintendo Switch, Lite, or OLED device. Go to the Nintendo eShop located on the device’s home screen. Type “Inside” in the search bar and select the listing that says the game costs $1.99.

Refine your chosen payment option, if needed. Add your payment information if it is not already saved in your account. Confirm your purchase, submit it, and then you can start downloading the game to your device starsfact.

Take advantage of this sale as it is happening for a limited time only! The Nintendo eShop is looking for ways to compete with the PlayStation store and Steam, so running limited-time promotions such as these is how they are attracting veteran and new players to frequent Nintendo handheld gaming platforms more often.

Which Language is “Inside” Available to Play?

Besides English, you can also download the game in German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, and Russian all for the same price. If you are learning a new language or speaking one of these as your primary language, then

The Nintendo eShop has not put an end date on the listing for this game just yet, but the sooner that you purchase it, the better, so you can get it for the lowest discount it has been since its release in 2016 whotimes.

How Can I Find Other Games on Sale?

To find more games on sale in the Nintendo eShop, click on the tab that says “19.99 and Under” to browse available titles. Alternatively, you can also go to the category fields and click “Deals” to find newly discounted games for you to play.

In the Deals section, you can find game titles discounted usually from 10% to 75% off. Of course, “Inside” is the exception at 90%.


Are you interested in playing the “Inside” game? If you download it during the sale and try it out, let us know what you think in the comments! Be sure not to spoil anything for those who have not played yet.