Is Information Technology Harder Than Computer Science?

Computer science and information technology are two distinctly different fields. Computer science involves a greater amount of variety and theoretical coursework, while IT tends to focus on a single subject. In addition to programming languages and operating systems, computer science majors need to master the basics of mathematics. While computer science and information technology share some characteristics, there are significant differences that make the field unique. Read on to discover the differences between the two fields and learn more about which is best for you.

A degree in computer science is generally required for more advanced positions in information technology. Many computer science careers require a master’s degree and many years of experience. A bachelor’s degree in computer science can be an advantage, although many careers in information technology are not reliant on this particular skill set. Therefore, it is important to find a career path that is right for your talents. The following career paths may be of interest to you.

Despite the higher level of learning required for this profession, it is worth noting that half of CS students do not have any prior CS experience. In order to get ahead in the field, you must be a team player, have patience, and a good work ethic. A bachelor’s degree in information technology is a four-year program requiring full-time study. Information technology majors will likely take math and data science classes as part of their degree requirements.