Filipino Traditional Dress For Men

A male Filipino’s traditional attire is usually a combination of a shirt and a skirt, called Baro’t Saya. This garment is often accessorized with a bandolier or a tapis, or the Filipino equivalent of a scarf. A barong can be adorned with cutwork, embroidery, or beading to add extra flare to it. In the past, men wore this dress only for formal events, but today, it is widely worn in everyday life.

Men also wear a variety of trousers, including the popular barong tagalog. In addition to wearing different types of pants, Filipino men also wear wrap-around skirts called barong tagalong and camisa de Chino. Some men wear Western-style pants as well. Muslim men in the Philippines also wear wrap-around skirts called barong tagalong and loose tunics. The male clothing of the Philippines has national elements, which distinguish it from other clothing in the world.

The most traditional Philippine male clothing consists of two distinct types. The Barong Tagalog, which is worn by men, is made of rough-cotton doublets, and evolved over time from earlier styles. Early variations include the barong mahaba, which is long and striped in vibrant colors. Later variations of the barong are monochromatic and short-sleeved. They are also made of opaque material.

The barong tagalog is the male equivalent of a Cuban guayabera. It is a long-sleeved embroidered shirt. The barong is made of natural fiber, and is rarely tucked in. The barong is a great way to turn any European clothing into Filipino clothing. The barong is usually embroidered with traditional patterns and is made from several different fabrics.