Computer Technology Vs Computer Science

You may wonder if computer science and computer engineering have any overlap. While both are related fields, computer science focuses more on building applications and solving business problems. Both require you to learn about computation theory and programming. While computer science and computer engineering may have some overlap, these fields require significantly different skill sets. The main differences between them are the types of work they require and how these skills apply to a wide variety of industries.

Information technology studies computer-based activities, such as databases and Internet browsing. Computer science, on the other hand, studies how computers interact with one another and how they communicate with each other. Computer science focuses on the applications of new technologies and their societal impact. In the 1980s, software developers had to address issues such as internet privacy and system reliability. These questions eventually led to new legal fields and standards for computer software. These issues are the basis of computer science’s social issues. They are present in the various fields listed above.

The first use of the term “computer science” can be traced to a 1959 article in Communications of the ACM. In the piece, Louis Fein argues for establishing a Graduate School of Computer Sciences (GCS), similar to the Harvard Business School in 1921. He justifies the term by saying that “computer science” means “application science”. A department of computer science was created at Purdue University in 1962. While computer science does involve the study of computers, it is also a discipline that encompasses a wide range of related fields.